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This is Version 1.0 of the JT-NM Reference Architecture (RA). This is not a Standard upon which systems will be based, but rather a collection of best practices, recommendations, and frameworks that readers may choose to implement. It is expected that this Reference Architecture will evolve over time. However, those considering implementing professional networked media infrastructures are encouraged to review the suggestions contained in this document and to begin implementing them as soon as practical.


A reference architecture (RA) is frequently used in the computer and software industry to facilitate the development of systems that are multi-vendor, multi-site or multi-organization. It provides a common vision which can be propagated across an industry, using a common lexicon and taxonomy. It serves as a baseline for near-term and future-oriented discussions, it aids in documenting implicit knowledge and best practices, and it encourages the modularization of functionality. The JT-NM Reference Architecture (RA) presented in this document is targeted at the new domain of professional media that is based on packet-based network transport and standard, rather than media-specific, computing, storage and network infrastructure.

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